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Access Control


These systems are made for time management, personnel, and access control. Time & Personnel Management It is a system set up to manage time and staff in a structure. These are either biometric readers (fingerprints, facial or voice recognition ...) or readers of badges, cards and/or digicodes connected either to a central for the exploitation of data locally or via the Internet. The configuration as well as the exploitation of the data is done by software on-site or remotely (if it is several remote sites to centralize). Access control It is a system set up to control the access of a site by biometrics, badge readers, cards, exit buttons, magnetic locks, suction cups, etc. These devices are connected to a central unit that manages the power supply and the operation of the system. Configuration and operation are done by software. Turnstiles & Road Blocker For sites that host a lot of people and with a lot of traffic, turnstiles are recommended to manage the movements (entrances and exits) within the building. The turnstile is ideal for airports, train stations, large spaces, etc. Regarding the Road Blocker, as the name suggests, it blocks the passage to vehicles (small or large) who do not have access to the site. It is also used for parking management (with automatic lifting barriers). He is often installed on military bases, some embassies, hotels, car parks, etc.