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Hazard Study: A hazard study includes a description of the facilities and the environment, as well as a risk analysis of the facilities, products handled, and the site environment. The major accident scenarios identified in this risk analysis will be simulated in order to quantify their probabilities and their consequences on the equipment of the structure and the environment of the latter.

IOP: The Internal Operation Plan (IOP) is the logical continuation of the hazard study previously established by the establishment subject to this obligation. A POI must define the organizational measures, the methods of intervention and the necessary means that the operator must implement in the event of an accident to protect personnel, populations and the environment. It must also make it possible to take the necessary measures, on the one hand, to place the installations in a state of security the most graduated possible to limit the consequences of the accident and, on the other hand, to ensure the alert of the security services. rescue and information of the responsible authorities, including the mayor and the prefect, as well as the populations in the vicinity of the establishment.