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CCTV is a system of cameras and image transmission placed in a public or private space for remote surveillance. Images obtained with this system can be processed automatically and/or viewed and archived or destroyed. The purpose of surveillance is to control the conditions of respect for the safety, security or performance of a particular procedure. There are different technologies: analog technology, digital IP and Wi-Fi technology.

  • Analogical system: This system is based on analog technology; that is, the cameras are connected with BNC cable, powered by electrical power, connected to a DVR video recorder. The latter can be connected to a router (internet box) for remote access by computer or smartphone.
  • IP Numerical: This system is based on IP technology; that is, the cameras are connected with RJ-45 cable to a router. This system is better for viewing with HD images, access to data anywhere without stream compression via the internet. Remote access configuration is also optimal.
  • Wireless: Equipped with antenna, these cameras communicate via Wi-Fi technology. They also provide excellent handling (via the internet) and better remote access.