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The evacuation of a building is a key point in case of fire. It is essential to name the guide's files and floor leaders and to establish their responsibilities. However, even if the role of a guide or floor leader is essential, employees must know how to evacuate a building by identifying emergency exits or the assembly point and control the fire safety regulations. The regulations require the implementation of two evacuation exercises per year. This training of 3 hours allows trainees to acquire good behaviors and to learn to handle and to intervene with a fire extinguisher upon the start of a real fire. This training is open to all employees, accommodated in groups of 12 people maximum. Ensuring the safety of people, and thus reducing work accidents or occupational diseases is an important aspect to take into account within a company. This training module was set up to ensure the proper functioning of the actions and missions carried out by the employees but also to raise awareness and make them adopt the right behaviors in the face of risk situations.