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Means to put out a fire

These are the means and devices put in place to stop the start of a fire or put out a fire. the emergency means consist of fire extinguishers (portable and on wheels) and RIA armed fire valves) or hydrants.

Extinguishers: A fire extinguisher is a device used to extinguish a fire by removing one of the three elements from the fire triangle (by smothering, chemical reaction, by insulation, etc.). There are two categories of fire extinguishers: portable fire extinguishers and wheeled fire extinguishers. The choice of a fire extinguisher depends exclusively on the type of fire (A, B and C) to be fought. Sahel Security will accompany you for the right choice of your fire extinguishers.

Armed Fire Valve: The AFV is a fire-fighting device installed in certain establishments open to the public and in many industrial establishments. It is a first-aid device, allowing to attack an incipient fire before its extension while waiting for the arrival of the fire brigade. The choice of the diameter of the RIA will depend on the level of risk to be combated (level 1,2 or 3).